Chicken Cock Cotton Club Rye Aged 20 Years



Originally established in Paris, Kentucky in 1856, Chicken Cock was forced to move production up to Canada during Prohibition. The Canadian Rye whiskey produced during that period was then smuggled back into the U.S. in tin cans, earning the brand the nickname, “The whiskey in a tin can.”

This replica Pre-prohibition era collectible tin cannister honors our history and a limited-time-only return to a period where Chicken Cock ventured north in order to carry on its tradition of bringing high quality whiskey to patrons across the country.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Aged 20 years in a used bourbon barrel, this fabulous whiskey glistens with a soft, Yellowish-Brown Hue

Aroma: Sweet Candy combined with slight Grassy Rye, somewhat Earthy notes, hints of Citrus / Orange Peel, Spice and White Pepper

Flavor: A wonderful complexity of Vanilla, Spice and Sweet Molasses, nicely complimented with mild overtones of Pepper, Citrus and ToastedOak.

Finish: A very nice long Finish with a wonderful balance of Pepper, Spice and Sweetness, that lingers with an amazing Buttery mouthfeel.

90% Rye, 10% Malted Barley S0%ALC/VOL - 100 Proof

Aged Whiskey | 750ml | 50% ABV | Canada

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